Medical Oncologists specialize in the treatment of cancer using drugs, also known as chemotherapy. Depending on the type of cancer you have and how advanced it is, chemotherapy can cure or control your cancer, or ease your symptoms. Sometimes, chemotherapy is used as the only cancer treatment. But more often, you will get chemotherapy along with surgery, radiation oncology, or other treatments. Our medical oncologists work closely with your entire oncology care team to provide comprehensive, personal cancer care.

Community Care Physicians medical oncologists treat patients with cancer of all types and in all stages. We are dedicated to providing our community with cutting-edge medical oncology & hematology care that is personable, timely and accommodating. We offer expertise, technology, and patient care on par with that of leading cancer institutions in the United States, and we employ the most advanced therapies available. Our offices include a CLIA certified laboratory, chemotherapy private suite, and on-site pharmacy dispensing program.

For more information or to ask a question about our cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment services, please call Oncology Nurse Navigator at (518) 213-0308. We can help you determine which type of doctor or services you need. You can also contact our medical oncology practices directly. We look forward to helping you.