mycareDOT™ is Community Care Physicians’ patient portal that allows you to manage your personal health information and communicate with your doctor’s office anytime, anywhere using a secure internet connection. This online tool is powered by FollowMyHealth®, a partner of Community Care Physicians. In order to connect with your providers here at Community Care Physicians, you will need to receive an emailed invitation from us. Using mycareDOT™, you can access information about your visit, as well as allergies, medications, treatments, procedures and more. You can access the portal through a desktop/laptop computer or with a mobile device using the FMH app for iPhone or Android.

Please Note

Only message your doctor with non-urgent requests!

This tool is a convenient, free service that provides an alternative to phone calls and office visits when you have non-urgent healthcare needs. With the mycareDOT™ patient portal you can:

  • Request an appointment, instead of calling the office
  • Request prescription refills
  • Message your doctor’s office
  • Set up proxy accounts for children and dependent adults
  • View test and lab results

Community Care Physicians encourages you to be proactive in your health by enrolling in the mycareDOT™ patient portal. You are an integral part of the healthcare process and now you have a secure, efficient tool to communicate with your doctor on your time, when it is convenient for you.

We use for portal to communicate news and information to our patients! We have used the portal to send timely messages about Covid-19, new programs being offered that might be of interest to you and specific information from your practice and providers.

Community Care Physicians is here to help you connect the dots to good health.

Please remember how you log into the patient portal, whether it be through FollowMyHealth®, Facebook, or another method.

If you use FollowMyHealth®, remember to store your username in a safe place. FollowMyHealth® will send you an email with your username immediately following the creation of your account. You will need this to log into your account again and it cannot be retrieved.

Portal Help

Download the FollowMyHealth® App

  • Download on the App Store
  • Get it on Google Play


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I see results from testing but there is no note from my doctor?

In 2021, new federal rules went into effect, called 21st Century Cures Act, that requires all patients have immediate access to notes, reports and test results as soon as they enter your medical record. You already have access to all this information but previously your physician had an opportunity to review and interpret the results before you received it. It now will appear in your portal application often before your physician has seen it. This should not cause you great concern and CCP fully supports your access to the information. Your physician will interpret and inform you about your non-critical results once they are reviewed. Rest assured that your physician will contact you promptly – either via the portal or usually by phone – with any results that we deem “critical” – that is, results that require immediate action.

Your results will contain technical language intended for physicians, and you may find the verbiage confusing or unsettling. Your physician will explain it to you either via the portal or may possibly ask that you participate in an office or a virtual visit if the information is particularly complicated. Please keep in mind your provider may not explain a result that is clinically insignificant, even if it shows as abnormal. Your office will contact you with any test result findings of concern.

I would like a FMH account to correspond to my providers office. Can I create an account on my own and connect to my provider?

No, in order to keep your medical records, secure we need to email you an invitation to connect to us. Unfortunately, FMH is used nationwide, and the ability to create an account on your own is there. However, if you do this without an invitation you will not see any of your medical records. If this has happened to you, see the next FAQ. (I have a username and password, but my account is blank. How do I add the organization?)

I have a username and password, but my account is blank. The organization of Community Care Physician’s is missing. How do I add my organization?

In order to keep your account secure, the only way to add your organization is through an emailed invitation from your provider’s office. Once we have confirmed your name/date of birth/address/telephone number/email address we can send you an invitation to connect to us. When you receive the invitation, from “[email protected]” follow the directions in the invitation to link your blank account to your provider. You will do this by following the sign-in instructions that state you already have an account and would like to add a connection.

Does the invitation link from my doctor's office expire after a certain period of time?

The invitation link will expire after one year. However, we recommend you set up your portal account as soon as possible so you can begin communicating with your doctor’s office for lab/test results, non-urgent questions, appointments, and more.

What is a Patient Portal?

FollowMyHealth® is a secure online home for your health information.

If I message my doctor after hours/evenings/weekends will they email me right back?

The email function should only be used for nonurgent matters. Please do not email urgent requests as these messages will not be read after-hours/evenings/weekends. Thank you.

Why do I have results in my CCP Portal that were ordered by another specialist?

Some of the information posted to your portal will include results of tests that were ordered by a physician other than your CCP physician. Your physician will have been “copied” on these results to keep him or her informed. While we are happy to help interpret test results ordered by others, we prefer that you first communicate with the practitioner who ordered the test in order to have them explained to you. Finally, because all your treating physicians are required to provide you immediate access to your medical information via their respective portals you will probably receive multiple copies of the same information from different portals. We understand that this may be a nuisance but, unfortunately, we are powerless to prevent it under the law, called 21st Century CURES Act.

When creating my account, I notice I have multiple ways of logging in including Facebook, Google, or Microsoft LiveID. How does this work?

FollowMyHealth® uses something called Open Authentication as login for the site. This means you can select to login from one of these systems so that you do not need to remember a different username and password. As an example, if you select Google, you give Google your username and password and they verify if it is correct or not. The first time you log in, a unique code is created to identify you; once the username and password is verified by Google, that unique code is what is passed over to FollowMyHealth® so the system knows what account to log you in to. Once Google’s login window closes, Google does not have access to the content of the site or your activity there. Learn more at FollowMyHealth.com

NOTE: Please remember how you login to the patient portal, whether it be through FollowMyHealth®, Facebook, or another method. If you use FollowMyHealth®, remember to store your username in a safe place. FollowMyHealth® will send you an email with your username immediately following the creation of your account. You will need this to log into your account again and it cannot be retrieved.

Is FollowMyHealth® secure?

Yes, in compliance with federal patient privacy regulations, all transmitted data is encrypted during this process. The data storage is also encrypted for protection. Your login occurs over Secure Socket Layer (SSL, shown as HTTPS in your browser’s address bar) which is an industry standared providing secure communication over the internet used by sites such as online marketplaces or financial institutions. Learn more at FollowMyHealth.com

What information is available in the patient portal?

After you create your portal account, you will have access to view the following:

  • Your health conditions
  • Your medication list
  • Your allergies
  • Your Immunizations
  • Your vitals
  • Some documents: Result Letters, Patient Result Letters, Out of Work/School notes, Medical Excuses, Clinical Summaries, Patient Education
Is there a fee to register and use the portal?

This is a free service provided to our patients!

How soon will my information be available in the portal?

When you create your account, the information uploads immediately from your electronic medical record. Chart updates will occur throughout the day.

How will I know when something has been added to my Portal?

You will receive an email notifying you to logon to your portal to see new information. This email will tell you where to look for the information. You may change your notification settings to receive text messages as well.

Do I need special equipment to use the portal?

All you need is a computer, either a PC or a Mac. Additionally mobile apps are free and easy to use on iPhones, iPads, and Androids.

How do I use the portal with my smartphone?

Just go to the iTunes store and search for FollowMyHealth® for iOS or Google play for Android. In iTunes this app is called, “FollowMyHealth Mobile Allscripts Heathcare Solutions Inc.” In Google Play this app is called, “FollowMyHealth Mobile”. Certain features are not available on a smart device ie: printing and certain updates to your profile.

How do I become a member of the Portal?

In order to keep your electronic medical record safe, we need to validate your identity in the office. Once you have an appointment, if you are over 18 and do not already have a portal account, you will be automatically sent an email with an invitation that will connect you directly to your Health Record.

Once I receive the invitation what do I do?

Please follow the directions provided in the email invitation to connect. You will need to enter a “security code” which is in your email invitation.

After I set up my account, when and how do I log in?

You may log in as often as you like! When your provider’s office sends you information, you will receive an email that tells you to log on to your account and see recent updates. You may want to make FollowMyHealth® Sign In  a favorite on your computer. You may also use your smartphone to log in at any time.

I would like to have a portal account for my child, is this possible?

Yes, you will fill out the Portal Consent form in the office for a Proxy account. Proxy accounts have full access to the minor’s record from birth through age 11. After your child’s 12th birthday, you will have limited access to the information. You will be able to message the providers that were seen up to age 11 and see the historical information like immunizations received up to age 12. No other information will be available from the ages of 12-18. At 18, the account is closed, and your adult child will open his/her own account.

What if my 15 year old would like me to have full access to his/her portal?

The child’s account is considered a young adult account.

A young adult account is for patients who are younger than 18 but older than 12. Authorized individuals who are associated with a young adult patient account can still access the account, and are able to view historical data, view and send messages to connected providers and schedule appointments.

What if my elderly parent(s) would like me to create an account for them?

Your parent(s) would sign a HIPAA release. We can then create a Proxy account for you on your parent(s) behalf.


Can I give other people access to my portal account?

Yes, this can be done in the “My Account,” area of your portal. Look for “Preference” and “Account Preference.” You will see a link to “Invite a Proxy.”

I have forgotten my password, may I have a new one sent to me?

Yes, please click the “Forgot My Password” link. If you used Google, Facebook, Windows LiveID, or Yahoo, you will actually be requesting a password reset from that organization.

I cannot remember by FollowMyHealth® username. Can that be retrieved?

Yes! At the logon screen, please click on Forgot your password? Or Forgot your username?

What do I do if I notice there is incorrect medical information in my portal account?

Please address these problems directly with your health care provider. Your provider is the only one who can make changes to your Electronic Health Record.