Tara Fay



Tara Fay is a board-certified family nurse practitioner and a member of the American Nurses Association. She received her Master of Science in nursing from Russell Sage College in Albany, NY. Tara also completed a Bachelor of Science in nursing from SUNY Brockport in Brockport, NY, and an Associate of Science in nursing from Samaritan Hospital School of Nursing in Troy, NY. She is interested in cardiovascular disease prevention and health promotion.

Tara was always very focused on health wellness from high school and onward. She has loved exercising since an early age and keeping her body moving. Tara pursued a bachelor’s degree in exercise science from SUNY Brockport, hoping to pursue a career in sports medicine. During her cardiac rehab internship, her experience taught her that nursing was such a multi-faceted career path with many different areas. You not only heal patients physically but mentally as well and encourage them to adopt healthy habits. Throughout Tara’s clinical experiences, she realized how essential primary care providers are in communicating and referring to other specialists and promoting health maintenance regularly to patients. The biggest takeaway from her training and experience is to always listen to your patient.

What Tara loves most about being a nurse practitioner is encouraging patients to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle, providing them with the resources to make a change, and seeing their results at their follow-up appointment. She believes the most important thing when caring for patients is to look at them as a whole, not based on a chart, and avoid any preconceived judgments. Additionally, communicating with each and every patient and remembering what they tell you to get to know them is extremely important, making them feel involved as well.

Tara grew up in Clifton Park and always loved the area. She loves Orangetheory workout classes and riding her Peloton bike in her spare time. Tara and her husband enjoy spending time at home in Delmar with their new Goldendoodle puppy.


Russell Sage College
Troy/Albany, NY
State University of New York at Brockport
Brockport, NY
Samaritan Hospital School of Nursing
Troy, NY