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Kristin Grovenger


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Kristin Grovenger is a certified family nurse practitioner and member of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. She received her Master of Science in nursing from Sage Graduate School in Troy, NY. Kristin continued to pursue her interest as a Clinical Adjunct for Russell Sage College, Troy, NY, while completing her advanced nursing degree. Kristin loves educating and teaching students and feels very lucky to have had this positive experience during her own training. During her undergraduate nursing program at Russell Sage College, Kristin worked as a patient care technician at a local hospital which granted her the opportunity to segue into her role as a registered nurse and complete her licensure examination. “Like in any field of medicine, you learn something new every day,” Kristin recalls this lovely pearl of wisdom she learned during her recent training as a nurse practitioner, and she says it still holds true! There was not one day of her clinical experience that she didn’t learn at least three new things a day, and Kristin says that is the beauty of health care. Kristin has a passion for women’s health, disease prevention, and screening.

Kristin loves working as a nurse and getting to meet so many wonderful patients and building rapport with them. She says, “There are few things more enjoyable than being able to watch people grow and improve and know you have played even just a nominal role in their life.” One of the many benefits she learned in nursing school is to look at the patient as a whole. Providing care with a holistic approach toward each patient is paramount, and she continues to carry this in her routine care. Knowing she has positively impacted the lives of many brings her the most satisfaction. Kristin says, “This may not only be through a medical diagnosis or prescribing the right medication. Often just as meaningful is taking the time to listen to a patient, providing the emotional support or validation, they may need. These are all equally meaningful aspects of being a provider that provides me with satisfaction.” Kristin strives to provide the most exemplary care with each and every visit through holistic care and a trusting patient-provider relationship.

Kristin has always wanted a career in medicine for as long as she can remember. She remembers the number of times the specialty track has changed throughout the years. She grew up with her dad working in health care as a paramedic and then advanced into administration. Kristin spent many years going to “bring your child to work day” and looked forward to this day each year! She loved seeing all the hospital’s different facets and loved learning about various medical specialties. During her senior year of high school, Kristin had the opportunity to participate in the New Visions Health program through Ulster BOCES, which allowed her to shadow multiple health care specialties and see what she truly loved. This experience solidified her decision to pursue nursing!

Kristin is originally from the Ulster County area but decided to stay in the Capital Region after meeting her husband and beginning her family medicine career. She has a genuine love for Disney that has grown since she was a child. It is her favorite vacation destination and is even more fun to witness as a family!


Sage Graduate School
Troy, NY
Russell Sage College
Troy/Albany, NY