Tumors are not stationary, unchanging targets; they move between and during treatments. The radiation oncologists of Community Care Physicians are considered among the country’s leading radiation oncology experts. We offer patients a state-of-the-art radiation treatment center that uses dynamic tracking technologies to target and deliver measured doses of focused radiation, destroying tumors and cancer cells without harming surrounding tissue. This increased precision allows higher levels of radiation to be safely administered, while minimizing the radiation dose to surrounding areas with healthy tissue, ultimately leading to higher cure rates.

Radiation oncology services include external beam radiation oncology, RapidArc┬« radiotherapy technology, prone breast radiation therapy, brachytherapy for prostate cancer, and more. Community Care Physicians’ radiation oncology team is committed to promoting patient well-being with advanced treatments that maintain quality of life while preserving normal organ function. We combine our experience with the latest technologies and best practices of the academic, clinical and research communities to deliver the highest level of radiation oncology available for cancer care.

Our radiation oncology services are conveniently located in the Albany/Capital District Region and features a comfortable setting with on-site amenities and free, ample parking.

For more information or to ask a question about our cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment services, please call Oncology Nurse Navigator at (518) 213-0308. We can help you determine which type of doctor or services you need. You can also contact our radiation oncology practices directly. We look forward to helping you.