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Our clinical pharmacists offer a wide range of patient care services and are embedded in many Community Care Physicians’ practices. Our clinical pharmacy team uses telemedicine visits to connect with patients. Some pharmacy services:

  • Reconcile Your Medications – Medication Review: You may see different doctors for different conditions. Each doctor may prescribe the medication that pertains to that condition, sometimes not knowing the other drugs you’re on. That’s where our pharmacists come in. Our pharmacists can review the list of medications, to double-check there are no negative interactions with what you’re on. If there is a concern, the pharmacist will contact your practitioner who prescribed the medication to verify it is appropriate or to get something else prescribed.
  • Review of Side Effects or Special Instructions: Your doctor likely won’t go over every single side effect when giving you a prescription, and the printed information that comes with the medication can be overwhelming. Medications list all the potential side effects, but they may or may not be relevant to you. Community Care Physicians’ pharmacists can review these as well as any special instructions when taking the medication, such as whether you need to take it with or without food, whether you need to stay out of the sun, etc.
  • Advice on Over the Counter (OTC) Products: There are over 300,000 marketed OTC drug products. It is critical that patients consult their pharmacist to maximize the benefits from these medications and minimize the potential for harmful drug interaction and/or side effects. You can speak with our pharmacists to discuss the symptoms you’re trying to treat in order to find the best over the counter medication for you. They can make sure you don’t duplicate ingredients and that the product is appropriate for the age and weight of the person.
  • Recommending Generic Alternatives: Our pharmacists can advise you if there is a generic option that is less expensive than a brand name drug. The key difference between generic and a brand name medication is the cost, but not all generics are alike. Community Care’s pharmacists can point out which medications may be worth talking to your doctor about.
  • What if I Miss a Dose? Accidentally missing a dose of mediation is not unusual, and may not be a cause for concern. However, it’s important to know how you should handle this situation if it does happen, and our pharmacists can help.
  • How Do I Use Medical Devices? A medical device may be prescribed or recommended by your provider. Community Care Physicians’ pharmacists can help you learn how to use your device safely and correctly to increase the benefits and decrease the risks. Our pharmacists can also teach you how to dispose of waste, such as needles, tubing, etc.

If you think clinical pharmacy would benefit you, contact your primary care provider directly to discuss. Our pharmacists are available by email at clinical[email protected] to answer any questions you may have. A member of the team will get back to you. Please do not include any specific medical information in this email.


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