Delmar Urgent Care Officially Consolidated with Albany Urgent Care

After careful consideration, CCP has decided to move Delmar Urgent Care and consolidate staff with CCP’s Albany Urgent Care, which is less than 4 miles away from our Delmar location. We ask that our patients utilize our Albany or Latham Urgent Care Centers for care.

Delmar Urgent Care Officially Consolidated with Albany Urgent Care

CCP is exploring new ways to deliver Urgent Care as our primary care locations continue to expand access for their patients through walk-in and extended hours, and as we see a greater proliferation of Centers in the area. After careful consideration, CCP has officially consolidated our Delmar Urgent Care staff and services with our Albany Urgent Care. We understand patients have come to rely on the care at our Delmar Urgent Care location, however, we are confident they will find the same level of care and convenience at our Albany Urgent Care location. Albany Urgent Care is less than 4 miles from the Delmar Urgent Care location and CCP's remaining Urgent Care locations in Albany and Latham will serve as CCP's ‘super Centers’ in the future, offering extended hours and even more expanded services in a walk-in, cost effective setting.

Community Care Physicians offers urgent care services in Albany during the day, evenings, weekends and holidays at 391 Myrtle Avenue, 4th Floor, Suite 4D, across from Albany Medical Center’s Emergency Room. Albany Urgent Care treats patients of all ages, starting at 3 months old, regardless of where you live and who you normally see for medical care. Our facility is staffed by board certified family physicians, certified physician assistants, or nurse practitioners, and accepts most major insurances. While CCP encourages patients to utilize primary care offices for their first point of access for care, the Urgent Care Centers support patients when their doctor’s office isn’t immediately available. Using CCP’s Urgent Care Centers is convenient for any patient, but it is even more convenient for existing patients of CCP, since all of our practices share the same electronic health system and records pertaining to the urgent care visit are immediately available to the patient’s primary care provider. Plus, using CCP’s Urgent Care Centers can help save the time and cost related to an unnecessary ER visit. Most major health insurances are accepted.

If you are in need of Urgent Care services, please use CCP's locations in Albany and Latham:

Albany Urgent Care has daytime, evening, weekend and holiday hours
391 Myrtle Avenue, 4th Floor, Suite 4D
There is a parking garage for convenience

Monday-Sunday 10am to 7:30pm
Holidays: 10am to 4:30pm

Latham Urgent Care has daytime, LATE weeknight, weekend, and holiday hours
Capital Region Health Park, 711 Troy-Schenectady Road.
Patients can receive Urgent Care services during the day in Suite 109 of the Capital Region Health Park:
Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm.

For care in Latham evenings, weekends and holidays, patients can visit the Capital Region Health Park, Suite 102 at the following times:

Monday-Friday 5pm to 11:30pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10am to 7:30pm
Holidays: 10am to 4:30pm

Our Albany and Latham Urgent Care Centers offer a full scope of services, including but not limited to care for cold/flu, allergies, UTI, URI, STD, infections, asthma, plaster splinting until orthopedics follow-up, stitches and minor laceration repair, workers compensation, no fault, and STAT and non-STAT lab testing. Rule out fractures and X-ray services are available on-site at our Latham Urgent Care. For patients who visit Albany Urgent Care, X-ray services are provided directly across the street at AMC Hospital when needed.

CCP is evaluating expanded Urgent Care services to offer in the future. Learn more about our Urgent Care Center locations and services by clicking here.

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