ConnectRx Pharmacy Opens in Capital Region Health Park

Latham patients have a new, convenient place to pick up their prescriptions – right at their doctor’s office!

On August 30, Community Care Physicians celebrated the opening of CDPHP’s third ConnectRx retail pharmacy within the Capital Region Health Park, located at 711 Troy-Schenectady Road, Suite 109, Latham, NY.

We are excited about this convenient, onsite pharmacy now available for our patients. ConnectRx is a one-stop shop for patients receiving care in our Latham medical building, the largest of CCP’s health parks. Now patients can visit their doctor’s office or urgent care and quickly and easily fill prescriptions or obtain over-the-counter medications before exiting the building.

In addition, ConnectRx offers free home delivery for ease of convenience, including life-saving, temperature-controlled medications like insulin. This free home delivery service is especially useful for our patients who cannot drive themselves to the pharmacy or even sick patients and busy parents who are unable to make it to the pharmacy.

“As a practicing family physician within the Capital Region Health Park, the convenience of an onsite pharmacy is a game changer for myself, my provider partners, and our patients,” said Dr. Kristine Campagna of Latham Medical Group, a CCP practice located in the Capital Region Health Park. “I am thrilled that ConnectRx is an option for my patients and prevents them from having to make an extra stop elsewhere to pick up any medications or over-the-counter items.”

CCP’s partnership with CDPHP now allows us to look for additional opportunities to make the experience for our patients even easier, and the integration of CDPHP’s ConnectRx pharmacy into this Latham Health Park is another step in that endeavor.

A few points to stress:

1. Patients with any insurance (not just CDPHP) can utilize the pharmacy.
2. Beyond the convenience factor, our partnership with CDPHP also allows us to assess what CCP’s most commonly prescribed medications are so our patients’ needs are met quickly in this location.
3. The pharmacy offers patients some unique benefits – including a convenient location, cost transparency, free home delivery, and an app, among others.

ConnectRx offers cost-saving drug programs and dedicated support from expert pharmacists and complements CCP’s medical services in Latham. We are excited to have this onsite for our patients, and we look forward to continuing to find new ways to provide a seamless healthcare experience for our patients.

ConnectRx will relocate along with CCP and CDPHP to Wellness Way in early 2024 to complement the medical services that will be available in the new state-of-the-art facility.

Visit to learn more. ConnectRx locations accept most major insurance plans.

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