CCP Express Now Open in Clifton Park

CCP Express Clifton Park Opens

CCP Express – Clifton Park is permanently closed effective June 30, 2023.

We are thrilled to open a new practice – CCP Express – as an extension of your Community Care Physicians’ (CCP) primary care practice.

CCP Express opened Monday, November 28th at our Clifton Park Health Park at 1783 Route 9, Suite 101 (first floor, first suite on the right-hand side). This office provides urgent care services evenings and weekends.


Monday – Friday: 5 pm – 11:30 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10 am – 7:30 pm

Many illnesses like UTIs, headaches, respiratory illnesses may not be suitable for the ER and could be treated at an urgent care if your doctor is unavailable.

CCP Express offers services similar to urgent care on a walk-in basis when your doctor’s office is closed. We accept most insurances and CCP and non-CCP patients. But, if you are already a CCP patient, CCP Express offers you unique benefits compared to other urgent cares or the ER (if unnecessary), including:

  1. You pay less
  2. We have your records
  3. Continuity of care
  4. On-site labs
  5. Faster results on the portal
  6. Convenience

You never need an appointment and we treat patients three months of age and older (due to the risk of something more serious being wrong with our younger patients and potentially requiring emergency care).

For any medical need, first call your PCP to see if you can be seen, unless it’s a life-threatening emergency, in which case dial 9-1-1. If directed to an urgent care, walk-in during CCP Express hours.

For a full list of services:

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