Physical therapy at Community Care Physicians provides a variety of benefits, including reduced pain, improved function, increased range of motion, proper alignment and more. Our therapists utilize the latest modalities and treatments to restore your function and independence.

Individual therapeutic programs are supervised by our physical therapists and help to increase strength, endurance and flexibility. Individual goals are set and patient progress is monitored continually by your physical therapist as well as your physician. Some patients find physical therapy can help patients reduce pain and avoid the need for surgery and prescriptions.

Community Care Physicians offers physical therapy for spine, low back and neck pain, elbow, wrist and hand injuries, foot and ankle injuries, hip and knee pain, total hip replacement, sports injuries, tendonitis, headaches, conditions associated with pregnancy and post natal recovery. We also offer various rehabilitation from work-related injuries, accidents, and post-operative and vestibular rehabilitation.

If you are interested in physical therapy services, contact our physical therapy offices conveniently located across the Capital Region, NY.