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Why You Should Never Hold in a Sneeze

Holding in a sneeze can be dangerous

Why You Should Never Hold in a Sneeze

Have the urge to sneeze but don't want to disrupt other around you? Well you might want to reconsider this as it could be extremely dangerous.

Sneezes are forceful, causing a powerful expulsion of air that propel mucus droplets at up to 100 mph! Hold them in can be dangerous. Therefore, when you hold a very violent sneeze in, you could potentially damage your eardrums or sinuses, especially if you close your nose at the same time. Holding in a sneeze could also cause injury to the diaphragm, break a blood vessel in the eye, and weaken a blood vessel in the brain and cause it to rupture.

Another reason why you should never hold in a sneeze is because if you are sneezing due to a cold, your cold may produce a yellow nasal discharge that needs to be released from the body because it could mean an infection. When you hold that sneeze from your cold in, you could be pushing the infected mucus through the Eustachian tube and back into the middle ear, possibly causing an ear infection.

But don't worry, holding in a sneeze won't trigger a stroke or blow out a kidney. It does however, release an irritant that has gotten into your body. This is your body's attempt to rid itself of that irritant, so don't hold that sneeze in next time you feel the urge. Just cover your mouth and your nose!

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