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Healthy Halloween

Here are some tips to ensure you and your children have a safe, happy, and healthy Halloween!

Healthy Halloween

Halloween is one of the most fun holidays of the year, especially for young children.  But sometimes those costumes and candy can be cause for health and safety concerns.  Here are some tips to ensure you and your children have a safe, happy, and healthy Halloween!

1.Help your child pick a costume that is easily visible at night.  Wear light colored costumes or costumes with reflective tape. 

2.Avoid costumes with masks that block vision.  Masks are a fun part of Halloween, but opt for makeup instead whenever possible for greater visibility.  If your child is wearing a costume with a hat, make sure the hat fits properly so it doesn't slide down, obscuring their vision.

3.If purchasing a costume, choose only those that are clearly labeled as flame resistant costumes.  Avoid loose fitting or dangling costumes that could make contact with an open flame or cause your child to trip and fall.

4.Any toy weapons or accessories as part of a costume should be short and made of soft flexible material so as not to cause unintentional injury.

5.Make sure to have flashlights with fresh batteries!  Even if your child is in a light colored costume and is easily visible, they will be much more visible with a flashlight.  Not only will your child be more visible, but will also be able to see where they are going a little easier, especially if you are in a neighborhood without a lot of street lights. 

6.Check candy after trick-or-treating and throw out any candy that is open, spoiled, or possibly tampered with.

7.Keep your front porch and walkway clear of debris and tripping hazards for trick-or-treaters.  The area should be well lit.  Be sure to replace any light bulbs that are out before Halloween!

8.Make sure pets are restrained so they do not inadvertently jump on, bite, or otherwise injure trick-or-treaters.

9.Help young children carve their pumpkins so they don't accidentally injure themselves with sharp carving tools.  The kids can draw a face on the pumpkin and the parents can do the carving.

10.Use a flashlight or glow stick to illuminate pumpkins instead of a candle.  If you use a candle, keep it on a sturdy table or rigid surface and keep it away from curtains and other flammable objects.  Candle lit pumpkins should not be left unattended.

11.To be sure the kids don't fill up on candy, Eat a huge healthy meal before going trick-or-treating.

12.Ration treats in the days after Halloween, to avoid overconsumption.  Remember, it's going to take about a 30 minute bike ride just to burn off the calories from one Snickers bar!

13.Be safe around traffic.  Use sidewalks and crosswalks when available.  Walk on the side of the road facing traffic and look both ways before crossing the street.  Make sure children don't run out from in between cars and try to be visible by carrying a flashlight and wearing light colored or reflective clothing.

14.Have a cell phone with you and make sure children know how to call 9-1-1 in an emergency.

15.Halloween is the one day a year where it is ok to accept candy from strangers!  But that doesn't mean you shouldn't still be on the lookout for suspicious and dangerous activity.  Only go to houses that are well lit and inviting for trick-or-treaters and notify law enforcement if you see any suspicious or unlawful activity.

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