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Everyday Activities for Fitness this Summer

Exercise and wellness can be found through common everyday activities, especially when the weather is nice. Here are 10 everyday activities for fitness this summer.

Everyday Activities for Fitness this Summer

It's finally summertime!  There is so much the summer has to offer in terms of different activities to experience.  There is also a lot that summer has to offer in the way of health benefits.  There are many everyday activities of summer that can have a positive effect on your health.  You don't have to play a sport or do any other rigorous exercise to enjoy added health benefits this summer.  Here are 10 everyday activities of summer that provide health benefits.

  1. Walk the Dog – Woof!  That's dog for "Hey owner!  Take me for a walk because it's beautiful outside!"  Your little furry friend knows that the weather is getting nicer, and they are going to want to take lots of walks!  So do yourself and your dog a favor and enjoy a long walk at a brisk pace.
  2. Mow the Lawn – Mowing the lawn may not seem like much fun, but it can be quite a workout, especially if you own a push mower.  Pushing a mower will give you an added upper body workout in addition to the leg workout you get from walking every square inch of your yard.  Not to mention the all fresh air, sunshine, and aerobic exercise as well.  Mowing the lawn might seem like a pain, but pretty soon you will be raking leaves and shoveling snow, so enjoy the nice weather while it lasts!
  3. Clean the Pool – If you own a pool, cleaning your pool is another summertime chore that doubles as a workout.  Skimming the top, vacuuming the bottom, and emptying the filter traps will work your arms and legs and get you moving.  As an added bonus, you will have a nice clean pool to jump into and enjoy!  Exercising in the pool offers a plethora of health benefits as well.  You can learn more about the health benefits of aquatic exercise here.
  4. Work in the Garden – Gardening offers a variety of different health benefits.  Gardening helps with balance, dexterity, bone health, mental health, immunity, and nutrition (if you are growing vegetables.)  There are even antidepressants in the soil!  You can read about the full benefits of gardening here.
  5. Walk to the Store – Unless you walk regularly for exercise, most of us don't walk nearly as often as we should.  No more excuses!  The weather is beautiful!  Take the few extra minutes to walk to the store instead of taking the car, and enjoy all the health benefits that go with it.
  6. Visit a Local Farm Stand – Not every health benefit of summer is exercise related.  Farm stands and farmer's markets are becoming more and more popular in summer time, and for good reason!  Visit your local farm stand and stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables straight from the farm!
  7. Yard Work – So much work to be done outside in the summertime, thankfully the days are longer so we have enough time to get it all done.  Pruning, raking, landscaping, pressure washing the house or whatever outside project you may have going on this year.  Don't dread the task ahead, embrace it as another everyday fitness opportunity.
  8. Go for a Bike Ride – Taking a long scenic bike ride can be good for your physical and mental health.  Cycling is one of the best cardio vascular workouts there is.  And riding a real bike  Be sure to follow traffic rules and wear a helmet along with other protective equipment for your own safety. 
  9. Build a Tree House – Small construction projects; such as building a tree house, a shed, a deck, or even a raised flower bed; can help improve your physical and mental health.  The construction will keep you active and may require some heavy lifting at times, offering strength training benefits as well.  Once the project is completed, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you saw a project all the way through from start to finish.  You may have even gotten some help along the way from a friend, neighbor, or family member.  That sense of accomplishment and connection with someone else through a shared objective can be a boost to your mental health. 
  10. Climb a Tree – When was the last time you climbed a tree?  Think you could still do it?  When was the last time you tried?  When it comes to strength and range of motion the old adage "use it or lose it" is true.  The more you move and stay active, the less likely you are to feel the effects of aging and arthritis.  Maybe climbing a tree isn't right for you, but think of how you used to move when you were younger, and try to get back to that!

Exercise and wellness can be found through common everyday activities, especially when the weather is nice.  Whatever you like to do, turn it into a workout.  Whatever chore you are dreading, view it as a workout and maybe it won't seem so bad!  If you want to talk to a doctor about what level of activity is right for you, Community Care Physicians can help

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