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5 Ways to Fight Seasonal Allergies

5 simple ways to fight the allergies this season

5 Ways to Fight Seasonal Allergies

The arrival of warm, spring weather can bring seasonal allergies, causing wheezing, sneezing, itchy eyes and nose, and coughing. All these symptoms can really put a damper on enjoying the beautiful weather, so we've put together 5 simple ways to fight the allergies this season:

1.Use a Humidifier: Making the air more humid can ease symptoms of seasonal allergies. Invest in a humidifier but if you're allergic to dust mites you might want to steer clear of the humidifier as it could make your allergy symptoms worse!

2.Take Off Your Shoes When You Get Home: Your shoes can carry quite a bit of pollen into the house. If you don't take your shoes off as soon as you come into the house, you may be tracking pollen all over the house. Depending on how sensitive to pollen you are, your clothes may bother you too, so change right away and consider showering if you have been outside for a long period of time.

3.Avoid Alcohol: Drinking increases blood flow to the linings of your nose and can exacerbate allergy symptoms. Avoid drinking alcohol as much as possible to avoid flare ups or limit yourself to one alcoholic drink.

4.Ditch the Perfume or Cologne in the Morning: Irritants such as perfume and colognes and cleaning products can cause an allergic skin reaction and worsen your allergy symptoms. Avoid these irritants as much as possible during this season, or test out how much you can wear or use and see how it makes you feel.

5.Do Some Spring Cleaning: There's a reason why they call it Spring Cleaning. Windows, curtains, and blinds (things around the house we don't clean as often) are the perfect hiding places for dust and mold. These indoor allergens should be cleaned out during allergy season to lessen your symptoms. Do a deep clean of your house on the weekend and clean all blinds, windows, the basement, behind the fridge, and old books and papers.


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