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Monkeypox resources including information on testing in CCP offices, DOH and CDC guidance.

Patients who think they may have symptoms of the orthopox virus (monkeypox), most often characterized by a pustular rash and fever, should contact their primary care physician first by phone. CCP is gearing up to soon diagnose symptomatic patients in our primary and urgent care practices. Once equipped, these practices will screen patients so that appropriate infection control precautions are taken and will collect specimens in the office to test for the virus.

People at high risk as defined by the NYS DOH should contact their local health department for information about orthopox virus immunizations that, currently, are in short supply and available only through NYS. Treatment for the orthopox virus is supportive. There is no specific FDA approved antiviral remedy. Patients with suspected or confirmed monkeypox should contact their local health department, isolate until lesions have resolved, scabs have fallen off and new skin formed. Patients exposed to monkeypox should monitor for symptoms x21 days (including fever, chills, new lymphadenopathy, rash); check temperature twice daily; isolate and contact primary care and local health department if fever/rash develop. Contacts without symptoms can continue normal activities (no body fluid donation during 21 day observation period). Links to DOH and CDC Guidance may be found on the CCP Website.

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