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Let’s Get Physical! Why You Need a Yearly Checkup

You usually call your primary care provider (PCP) when you feel sick or if/when something’s wrong. So, visiting them when you feel okay might seem counterintuitive. Wrong. Seeing your PCP regularly can benefit you in ways you might not realize. At CCP, we want you to think of your PCP as your partner in your long-term health.

Having a trusted provider you can talk to about your concerns is VITAL, whether it’s something regarding your mental health needs, changes in your family health history, or any other health issues. Plus, the actual physical exam serves as a wellness check as you update your PCP, address any health issues, and discuss preventive measures for your future. A yearly checkup is also a chance for your provider to reconnect with you and for you to reconnect with your provider.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Yearly Exam
  1. Ask questions. Your yearly exam is the perfect opportunity to ask your primary care provider anything that’s been on your mind.
  2. Address any health concerns troubling you, like an achy joint or an odd-looking mole you’ve been meaning to have looked at
  3. Maybe you read something online and want a professional opinion on it. Now is the time to do it.
  4. Physical exams also provide the perfect opportunity to check in on your overall health, which also helps you forge a relationship with your PCP. Developing a solid patient-provider relationship comes in handy if something is actually wrong.
  5. Your primary care provider might also suggest lifestyle changes to keep you healthy.

Our primary care providers (physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners) are all highly trained to spot and manage health issues, including chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and lung disease. We also have the support of over 30 different medical specialties for any specialized care you may require. Many of these specialists are arranged in convenient, multispecialty health parks around the Capital Region, so your care is both coordinated and convenient. We also offer extended services to support your primary care, including urgent care, care management, clinical pharmacy, behavioral health, and transition of care from the hospital.

Even if you’re young and healthy, it’s still so important to establish care with a provider so you have someone who knows you and your history, and if something does come up, you have someone to go to.

At CCP, we are a team of physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, technicians, therapists, receptionists, and administrators who are connected to you and each other through Community Care’s Electronic Health Record, putting your critical health information at the fingertips of any Community Care practitioner who treats you. Whether you are looking for a doctor for your whole family, a pediatrician for your new baby, or an internal medicine doctor for adult care, our primary care is your first stop to getting healthy and staying healthy. We are your partners who will help coordinate all of your healthcare needs.

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