Health Risk Assessments

Community Care Physicians now offers Health Risk Assessments (HRA).

A Health Risk Assessment is mostly Q&A with a certified provider to talk together about the five key domains of health: emotional health, physical health, spiritual health, social health, and mental health.

CCP has partnered with a trusted organization named Housecall Doctors to offer these HRAs to our patients.

The HRA is like a check in. This visit focuses on things to help keep you healthy and helps make sure your CCP doctor’s office has a full picture of what overall issues you may be experiencing in your life so the practice team can help keep you as happy and healthy as possible. You and your CCP doctor also get personalized reports summarizing the visit and your doctor uses this information to prepare for your next visit and determine next steps on anything that requires follow-up now.

We understand it can be difficult and costly to squeeze in another medical appointment, so this Health Risk Assessment is at no cost to you and offered virtually. Being virtual allows you to stay safe and relaxed in the comfort of your home and also offers convenience in scheduling. This virtual visit uses your smart phone or computer to connect through video to a healthcare team member who will talk with you about your medical history, health risk screening questions, the current state of your health, and help create your plan for staying well.

The team performing HRAs are advanced practitioners who will gather information to be reviewed by our office, integrated into your medical record, and utilized to prepare for your next appointment or any follow-up that may be required sooner with our office.

If you qualify for an HRA you will be contacted by a team member to schedule the HRA. They will identify themselves as partners of your doctor’s office to help schedule your HRA. Please trust this is a valid communication and can be trusted.

FAQs for HRA Visits:

  • Why am I receiving this visit?
    • You will receiving a health risk assessment to ensure your CCP provider has a complete picture of your health and medical history. For new patients this is a great opportunity for your provider to help build a clinical relationship with you. For patients who we have had a long relationship, this comprehensive visit will ensure that your doctor’s office has all your important health history in our records and it helps us prepare for your next visit and anything that needs to be done now for your health as a follow up.
  • Will I have to pay anything for this visit?
    • These visits will be at no charge to you
    • Copays may be attached if your CCP provider determines any follow-up visits are required, for example, additional tests or seeing a specialist. Your normal copay would apply in that case.
  • Why isn’t my CCP primary care provider (PCP) doing this visit?
    • Partnering with an organization of advanced practitioners allows us to expand our care team even further for better care and access. The providers who will see you for the health risk assessment work very closely with our team. To help us provide you with the best care we will be reviewing your results and following up with you as needed.
  • What if follow up is needed?
    • Your CCP primary care provider review the notes of the HRA visit and if any follow up is needed, that’s coordinate with your team at your CCP doctor’s office.
  • What are the qualifications of the person doing the health risk assessment?
    • These are advanced practitioners who function as extensions of your CCP practice’s care team.
  • Is this a one-time thing?
    • The health risk assessment will be an annual service provided to our patients. This will ensure that your CCP provider has your full health picture year over year.
  • Will my care change following this visit?
    • You regular care will not change. Your PCP will be reviewing your results from the health check in, and we will contact you if we need to make any changes.
  • Is this the same thing as the 5D visit I’ve heard about before?
    • Yes, the HRA is also commonly referred to as the 5D visit because it stands for discovering, discussing, deciding, documenting, and delivering holistic care to you.
  • How do I know if I qualify for a Health Risk Assessment?
    • This type of visit is most beneficial for adult patients in our primary care offices. If you qualify for a visit, you will receive a communication from CCP (to your email on file with us) providing you some background information and next steps.
  • I’ve already completed an Annual Wellness Visit/I have an AWV already scheduled with my PCP, do I need to complete the health risk assessment with this Housecall partner of CCP?
    • The Annual Wellness Visit is completed with your PCP and may cover different dimensions of health than the health risk assessment.  The health risk assessment is a comprehensive visit that will ensure we have all your important health history in our records, so that we can help you reach your personal health goals. Both are no cost to you and both are important parts of your care.

We understand the general concern about receiving calls from people you do not yet know, particularly when it comes to your care. However, this company is our partner and an extension of our office. You can trust that the call from the Housecall Doctors team is valid and not spam.

Contact us online using our general inquiry form for any questions.

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