For Patients with Medicare – Voluntary Alignment Communication from Aurora Community Care ACO

This letter is for our CCP patients with original Medicare (Medicare Part B) who haven’t yet completed a voluntary alignment form as of March 27, 2023 for the calendar year 2023. This is a follow-up to our original communication sent in January 2023 via email and mail. Please read the letter below, and if you haven’t yet, please consider completing the voluntary alignment form from CCP, Aurora Community Care, and CMS once you receive it via mail and/or email.

If you have original Medicare (Medicare Part B), we encourage you to read the FAQs on our website regarding ACO Reach and Aurora Community Care ACO. They can be found under the About section of our website.

Community Care Physicians (your doctor) has formed an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) called Aurora Community Care ACO. The purpose of this ACO is to enable participation in Medicare’s Accountable Care Organization – Realizing Equity, Access, and Community Health, more commonly referred to as ACO REACH. This is a program in partnership with your insurance, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), that focuses on enhancing your care while lowering the total cost of care for the healthcare system. This is accomplished by compensating providers not for the quantity of procedures performed, but rather for the quality of care we provide, measured by our patients’ health outcomes.

This is an excellent opportunity to move the CMS system toward paying for value and rewarding keeping our patients healthy – which is our primary goal at Community Care Physicians.

So, how do we accomplish this? In ACO REACH, physicians and other health care providers join together to ensure coordination of care across clinicians and care settings, offer services to improve your care, and take responsibility for the quality of care you receive and the total costs of that care.

An important part of this process is confirming who is primarily responsible for your care.

You will receive a letter from Community Care Physicians in partnership with CMS and Aurora Community Care ACO. This letter will ask you to confirm that you receive your medical services from Community Care Physicians by completing a voluntary alignment form. Once completed, it notifies CMS that you voluntarily selected us as your primary care provider group and that we are responsible for your care. Trust us, this letter is a valid communication to Medicare.

Even if you completed this form in 2022, we ask that you consider completing this form again for the calendar year 2023 to let Medicare know your Community Care Physicians provider is still responsible for your care.

Completing the form is very helpful and voluntary. Whether you complete the form or not, your CCP primary care provider will not change unless or until you decide otherwise. You will continue to be our patient and see Community Care Physicians for your care (or any provider of your choosing) whether you complete the form or not. However, if you do choose to complete the form, you may be eligible for to certain beneficiary enhancements through the ACO, such as home visits and chronic disease management reward.

We will provide additional information on Aurora Community Care ACO REACH over time. But rest assured, in this program, all your care continues to be under the direction of your CCP primary care provider.

For now, if you choose, follow the directions, and complete the form once you receive it to select CCP as the group in charge of your primary, overall care.

Read FAQs here on the About section of our website.

If the names listed on the letter are incorrect do not sign the form, contact us using the number listed below. If you would like to receive a new form with a different doctor, other healthcare professional, or practice listed, or to opt-out of future voluntary alignment notices, please calI Aurora Community Care ACO at 1-518-881-0773, TTY 711.

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