Pharmacists can be key members of your healthcare team. At Community Care Physicians, we offer clinical pharmacy services to support the care provided at our practices.

When you think of pharmacist, you likely think of the professionals who provide you prescriptions and guidance at your local pharmacy. While our Community Care Physicians’ pharmacists don’t dispense medications, they do work with your CCP medical teams to review your medications, explain your medication side effects and special instructions, provide advice on over-the-counter (OTC) products, recommend generic alternatives in collaboration with your primary care or specialty provider, and assist with instruction for medical devices.

Your primary care or specialty provider will prescribe and explain your medications, but sometimes our patients need a more in-depth review or additional assistance, and that’s when your provider may engage a CCP pharmacist.

Our pharmacy services are exclusively for patients of Community Care Physicians. Speak with your CCP provider these services or contact our pharmacy team directly.