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The Importance of Having a Primary Care Practitioner

The Importance of Having a Primary Care Practitioner

A primary care practitioner can be a part of a family medicine, pediatrics, general OB/GYN, or internal medicine practice depending on your needs. They specialize in diagnosing, treating and preventing a wide variety of conditions. The importance of having a primary care practitioner goes beyond health and wellness. Establishing routine care with the same practitioner is beneficial in several ways.


Your Primary Care Practitioner Will Know YOU

We don’t mean they’ll just know who you are, we mean they’ll know all the important details about your health history and be better able to make suggestions to help you manage your health and wellness. This cultivates a valuable relationship between you and your primary care practitioner, where they can make medical decisions based on your individual health needs. 

When you see a primary care practitoner, you get individualized care, comprehensive treatment, chronic disease management, and more! By seeing your primary care provider regularly, they can spot dangers and risks early on and create tailored prevention management techniques. 


You Will Be Happier in Health 

Patients who find a reliable and trusted practitioner tend to be happier with their medical care because of the relationship they form. When you are comfortable with your practitioner, communication becomes easier and you are better able to express what you are feeling and your medical needs. You also won’t have to repeat your medical history at every appointment. 

Another benefit of having a primary care practitioner is you won’t have to go searching for physicians, specialists, or urgent care centers every time you have a medical need as they can refer you. It will also lessen the stress of remembering if and when it’s time to see a healthcare professional because they will manage scheduling your annual physical exam, vaccines and necessary screenings. 


You Can Save Money!

Having a primary care practitioner can actually decrease your long-term medical costs! This is because they are always monitoring chronic conditions to help prevent any complications. Since your practitioner will be able to detect problems early on, it could prevent the need for pricey procedures later on. Having a primary care practitioner can also keep you out of the emergency room, where care costs can be more than four times as much as other outpatient care.


Need Help Finding a Primary Care Practitioner?

As the largest, independent multispecialty medical group in the Capital Region, we understand the importance of having a primary care practitioner. We make it our priority to address the individual needs of each and every one of our patients seeking primary care. And with mutliple primary care locations within 7 counties, achieving your best health can also be convenient. Come and see why we are known for our commitment to quality patient care, incorporating advanced technologies, and improving your healthcare experience.

If you would like help finding a physician, please call our Concierge Care Coordinator at (518) 782-3800 or you can click here to search for a physician on our website.

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