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Have You Scheduled Your Child’s Annual Physical Yet?

Annuals physicals are essential to your child’s overall health and wellness. You pediatrician will cover many areas during your child's annual exam.

Have You Scheduled Your Child's Annual Physical Yet?

Your child will be heading back to school before you know it, and you know what that means – it's time to schedule their annual physical! Scheduling this visit is an important part of your child's health, in fact most schools require that students get physicals every year. Children are constantly growing, changing, and developing, and through these visits, you are able to monitor those changes. Annual physicals also safeguard your child’s health as well as the health of their classmates, friends, and others in the community through preventive measures such as vaccines.

What can my child expect during their annual physical?

Your pediatrician or family practitioner will likely cover the following during an annual visit:

  • A physical exam will be performed
  • Any necessary vaccinations will be given
  • Track how your child is growing and developing
  • Talk about disease prevention, diet and fitness, and health and safety issues

Growth and Development

Your child's annual physical is a great opportunity for you to bring up any questions or concerns about their growth and development. Since you are with your child every day, your pediatrician will rely on you to inform them if you think they have missed important milestones or are experiencing abnormal behavior. And don't be afraid to ask questions! Your pediatrician can provide valuable advice on how to promote your child's health. 


In addition to growth and development, your pediatrician will want to discuss your child’s lifestyle and diet. Promoting a healthy and active lifestyle is important for long-term wellness. Your child should understand the importance of eating healthy and being active, and how it can lower the risk of becoming obese or developing diseases. You pediatrician can recommend ways in which you can positively encourage your child to make healthy choices. They will also make sure that your child is mentally prepared for the upcoming school year since school can often increase your child’s stress levels.


Another important topic that may be covered during your child’s annual visit is bullying. Many children have access to cell phones and tablets, often with little to no supervision. Your kids should be aware of online and offline bullying and how serious it is. Victims of bullying are at an increased risk for mental health problems, like depression and anxiety, and may lead to other issues, such as headaches or poor adjustment to school. Bullies themselves are also at risk as it can lead them down a bad road of possible substance use, academic problems and violence later in their life. Remind your kids that no matter what, to come to you or another trusted adult if they are being bullied or see someone else being bullied. 

Your pediatrician may choose to cover other topics at your child’s annual depending on factors such as age and gender. Remember to ask questions and to express any concerns you have and to encourage your child to do the same. Schedule your child’s physical today so they are ready for the upcoming school year! If you are in need of a pediatrician or family practitioner, call our Concierge Care Coordinator at (518) 782-3800 so they can match your family with one of our primary care practices located throughout the Capital Region.  



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