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Covid Vaccines for Children 5-11

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Dear Parents and Families,

As you probably know the CDC approved COVID19 vaccines for the 5-11 age group. Many of you have called asking for our advice and whether or not we will be holding COVID19 Vaccine clinics.

Vaccinating your children is one of our biggest priorities and we are ALL elated over the prospect of coming that much closer to possibly ending this pandemic. To that end:

  1. We all highly recommend that you vaccinate your 5–11-year-olds (and your 12 and ups) against COVID19.
  2. The vaccine (by standards and measures beyond the scope of this letter) has been shown to be safe.
  3. Kids do get COVID! And while the vast majority of children are faring well there are some statistics that bear mentioning:
  • There have been 1.9 million children infected (5-11)
  • 8,300 hospitalizations
  • 2,500 cases of multisystem inflammatory disorder
  • 100 deaths

At present we are not vaccinating children against COVID19 in our office. It is our greatest wish to facilitate vaccinating ALL children against COVID19 as easily and safely as possible, therefore we are in the process of working out ways to make that happen. In the meantime, we are volunteering our services at school clinics and the county health department. So, if you choose to register with them, you will possibly see us there!!

Many of you have been calling, eager to get your kids vaccinated and some anxious to know if we endorse the Pfizer COVID Vaccine. Thank you for your patience and understanding. We are trying to get updated information out to you in a timely and organized manner while still seeing sick children, running COVID testing drive throughs and continuing to see our routine children and adolescents for their ongoing care!

While we hope this communication answers some of those questions, there are several resources that we recommend you read:

If you are looking for resources to schedule appointments, please go to:

or please visit your local pharmacy websites along with local Public Health sites.

Thank you,

The practitioners at Community Care Pediatrics – Saratoga

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