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Core Health Wellness Program for Teens and Tweens

Core Health Wellness Program for Teens and Tweens

Introducing Core Health Wellness Program

Community Care Physicians is proud to present our redesigned wellness program – Core Health for tweens and teens! As a child, what you eat and how much physical activity you get will affect your risk factors for certain diseases, like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity when you’re an adult. Making healthier choices when you are young is important for your overall health as you get older. This wellness program is specifically designed for adolescents ages 11 to 18 and incorporates a health coach, personal trainer, and nutritionist to help teens achieve better health. The goal of the Core Health Wellness Program is to provide and offer access to educational programs, clinical tools, weight-management and community based physical activity programs, while also providing a place that offers effective, intensive counseling programs that promote behavior modification for overweight/obese children and others. 

The Core Health Wellness Program is a strong team consisting of:

  • An expert panel of physicians
  • A health coach
  • Personal trainers
  • Nutritional counselor
  • Supporting staff

All committed to helping your child improve their lifestyle!


Fitness Program

Core Health includes a fitness program that helps participants achieve success by introducing and practicing functional fitness – a method of exercise that focuses on natural movement patterns that are easily transferred to real-life movements and activities. Through functional fitness, our participants will become efficient in body weight movements, which also prepares them to be able to work out anywhere with little to no equipment. 


Four Dimensions

The Core Health Wellness Program consists of 4 dimensions to help you achieve optimal long-term wellness.

Nutrition – we strive to teach each child and family how to make healthier choices. We never put anyone on a diet! There are a wide variety of foods rich in essential nutrients necessary for growing bodies. 

Intelligence – part of this programs includes explaining the recommendations that are made in the program and how these changes will improve your child’s health. We want you and your child to be able to incorporate what you learn into your daily life. Core Health involves adolescents in understanding all the factors contributing to weight management decisions.

Confidence – being overweight may affect self-confidence. Losing weight will not only improve your child’s health, but it can give them back the confidence they should have. 

Energy – eating the right foods is important to managing weight, it is also important to stay active. Core Health has a personal trainer on staff to help get each child moving and come up with activities they will want to do to stay fit. 


Core Health Wellness Program can help improve your child’s health and give them a stable foundation for a healthy lifestyle. This program is offered free of charge to our family of patients. If your child is not a patient of one of our primary care offices, they can join the program – click here for pricing information. Please contact the Core Health Wellness program for more information on the program and to start your child’s personalized plan for better health at (518) 389-8331 or visit the Core Health Wellness Program webpage here

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