Congratulations Cara, A Times Union Nurse of the Year Finalist

Cara Ryan is a licensed practical nurse at Community Care Pediatrics in Latham, NY. She is also a 2020 Times Union Salute to Nurses, Nurse of the Year Finalist!

Congratulations Cara

Nurses are often present at some of the most valuable points of a person’s life. They save lives. They heal. They deliver babies. They care for you when you are sick. And so much more.

With more than 273,000 registered nurses and over 62,000 licensed practical nurses in New York making a difference, the Times Union gives us the opportunity to thank them for all they do during their Salute to Nurses throughout National Nurses Week.
Cara Ryan is a licensed practical nurse at Community Care Pediatrics in Latham, NY. She is also a 2020 Times Union Salute to Nurses, Nurse of the Year Finalist!
Cara knew she wanted to be a nurse after experiencing exceptional care firsthand. Her oldest daughter was in Albany Medical Center for asthma and pneumonia. It was one of the scariest times for her and her husband, but the nurses helped ease their minds by being so considerate and so knowledgeable. From that day on, Cara was drawn to the field.
After Cara finished nursing school, she proudly walked across the Palace Theatre stage with her two little girls cheering her on. Cara says this was the most incredible feeling.
Cara loves being a nurse and watching all of the young patients at Latham Pediatrics grow up and knowing she had the opportunity to be a part of that is her favorite part of the job. She says, "Some of these little ones came here as newborns, and I was here, and every time they come in, they are bigger, and they recognize me."
Being a Finalist for Nurse of the Year, Cara says, "We go into nursing aware that it can be a challenging job…and we accept that, but knowing that I was recognized by my peers is just an incredible feeling, and I am so honored to even be in a category with all of these wonderful nurses."
We are thrilled to have one of our own here at CCP recognized for her hard work. We thank Cara for her dedication to our team and all the fantastic care to our pediatric patients. Her work does not go unnoticed. See what thoughtful things Cara's coworkers at Latham Pediatrics had to say about her.

"Cara is an excellent nurse. I feel she goes above and beyond our expectations and is always looking for ways to stay busy. She is an amazing asset to our team!"
 -Jenna Warner, NP

"I am so excited that Cara is a finalist! I wanted to let you know what I LOVE about her: She is what a nurse should strive to be. She is always eager to help – even for the most dull jobs. She is happy, energetic, and just the perfect example of a TEAM player! I think she deserves this award because during the darkest days here during pandemic life – she was steady as a rock!"
-Kristina Lahtinen-Aley, MD 

"Cara is the ideal pediatric nurse. Friendly, knowledgeable, competent, and also really fast. Patients and families love her. Every staff member gets along with her. When I see she is my nurse, I know it's going to be a great day. No one is more deserving of this award."
-Heather Matott, MD 

"Cara is truly a "Jill of ALL trades." She does it all, efficiently, and without complaint. She is always on the move, always willing to help. I swear she has a jet pack attached to her, she is so "on the ball." Cara works very hard and maintains a fantastic attitude, even when days might be long and challenging. She is often the "glue" for our nursing team as well, helping them and motivating them to do their best. She is a loyal employee and has worked with us for many years. Our patients love her, and she clearly loves them back. We would be lost without Cara!"
-Melissa Deimling, MD

"I would describe Cara as a bouncing ball of light. Seriously, she literally brings energy and joy wherever she goes and leaves happiness behind. My favorite thing about working with her is her enthusiasm and positivity. She really creates a wonderful environment here and makes coming to work something I look forward too, especially if I'll be working with her that day. She deserves this award because she embodies the spirit of nursing. We are healers by nature, and Cara does just that through her ability to connect with our smallest patients on their level, making them feel their concerns are important and valid. Yet, at the same time, she bonds with our patient parents and provides empathy and care for them as well, creating an effective family-nurse-provider relationship. She is exceptional for so many reasons. She is a leader among our nursing staff, orienting new staff, and taking on new tasks herself in an effort to increase her functionality in our office. She volunteers to take on extra time and projects, works well with everyone in the office, and always maintains a positive attitude. She is the ideal team player and is always looking for ways to expand upon her skills. It has been an absolute pleasure to watch her grow from novice nurse to expert since she first joined our team, and I'm excited that she's been chosen as a finalist for this award.
-Jessica Lawson, CPNP-PC 

Join us as we congratulate our very own Cara Ryan, Nurse of the Year Finalist!

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