Lance M. Bennett



Don’t stop when it hurts, stop when you are done.

Lance Bennett is a physical therapist assistant at Community Care Physical Therapy. He primarily practices at the Delmar location at 250 Delaware Ave, Delmar, NY. Lance earned his Associate in Applied Science from Herkimer Community College in Herkimer, NY. He is interested in bilateral knee and hip replacements, sports injuries, and working with orthopedics.

Lance enjoys seeing patients progress from the acute rehab unit to inpatient therapy to outpatient therapy and finally discharge. He loves watching patients improve and knowing he has had a hand in that improvement. When treating patients, he looks at each patient holistically and not only focuses on the issue at hand. Lance will push you to do the most you can to achieve your highest potential while ensuring your safety.

Outside work, Lance enjoys birding, photography, creating art (paintings, drawings, and wood carvings), guitar playing, working out, and landscaping.


Herkimer Community College
Herkimer, NY