Kate Washburn



Kate E. Washburn is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and works as a Behavioral Health Consultant (BHC) on our Integrated Behavioral Health team. BHCs at Community Care Physicians are licensed mental health providers and social workers. Many are embedded within our practices working side by side with your doctor and health care team in delivering you the best “whole person” healthcare possible.

Kate has worked in group and family therapy with teenagers, adults, and families. She has experience treating anxiety disorders, depressive disorders including major depression and dysthymia, trauma and stress-related disorders including PTSD, C-PTSD, acute stress-related d/o and adjustment disorders, mood disorders, family relational problems, and stress management. Kate believes while diagnosis is necessary, focusing on the specific symptoms that pertain to the individual is also important. She has worked in a variety of settings since 2006, including in a residential environment for adolescent girls with mental health, behavioral, and family issues; at a children’s mental health clinic where she worked with children, teenagers, and families impacted by significant mental health, behavioral problems, community violence, and trauma; at a health center with patients across the life span who struggled with both mental health issues and social determinants of health including poverty, lack of food access, housing, and healthcare; and lastly, she ran a therapeutic health/wellness maintenance group for adults with combined physical health and mental health issues like diabetes with depression, anxiety, and COPD.

After her first year of college at Saint Rose, initially enrolled in fine arts, Kate changed her major to social work. She always loved art but felt like she was missing something. Kate always enjoyed connecting with people and hearing stories about their lives. She loves finding new and creative ways for people to meet their goals.


State University of New York at Albany
Albany, NY
The College of Saint Rose
Albany, NY