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Numerous alerts of new items added to your portal account

Posted: 11/29/2021

Last week, we began making significant improvements to our electronic medical records (EMR) system to improve our practitioners’ experiences and their ability to communicate for your care.

As we previously mentioned, this affected your FollowMyHealth/mycareDOT patient portal account. The connection for proxy accounts is actively being reconnected, but functionality has been restored for direct patient accounts (you can now communicate with your doctor’s office as your normally would). However, you may have noticed numerous alerts that new data has been added to your health record. Please note, this is not necessarily the case. What you are likely receiving is a message advising of an update of old data as we migrate your data into our upgraded system.

Rest assured, your medical information in the EMR is still correct.

There are a couple of things you should know:

  1. As the medical information feeds into our updated system, you will receive notifications that new items have been added.
  2. The messages are appearing as an update to your record, when in fact this is not new information. It’s information from a prior date of service.
  3. Some information may now be duplicated.
  4. The information will show with dates after 11/12/21 for items that have loaded into our updated system – the actual date of the visit is within the note/document itself. So you can likely disregard the date the record was added, unless you had a recent visit with your Community Care doctor.

We understand these notifications may have caused some concern about the accuracy of your data. The important thing to know is that your medical record remains intact and accurate.

We appreciate your patience as we make these improvements to our electronic medical records system. If you have questions during or after our system upgrade, please contact

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