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New Equipment at ImageCare Medical Imaging

Posted: 8/17/2020
New Equipment at ImageCare Medical Imaging

Technology improves the quality of delivery, increases patient safety, decreases medical errors, and strengthens the interaction between our offices, and patients and practitioners. To diagnose or treat a problem, you first need to be able to see it. That's why it's critical to have not only subspecialized, skilled radiologists, but also the latest medical imaging equipment to provide high-quality images. We are excited about our new equipment installed at several of our ImageCare locations to benefit our patients and practitioners and enhance our diagnostic capabilities at ImageCare further.

3D Mammography Now Available at Our ImageCare Guilderland and Balltown Locations

What if we could find breast cancers earlier? See lesions more clearly? Reduce the number of unnecessary biopsies? This is all possible with 3D mammography, or tomosynthesis. ImageCare recently updated its mammography capabilities at our Guilderland and Balltown locations and installed the Hologic Selenia Dimensions 3D Performance System. Now, most of our ImageCare sites offer 3D mammography (tomosynthesis) – Balltown, Clifton Park, Guilderland, Latham, and Saratoga.
A 3D mammogram is performed in conjunction with the traditional 2D exam, using the same x-ray technology. The 3D mammogram is the same procedure from the patient's point of view since the breast is still compressed between two plates, lasting only a couple more seconds than a traditional scan. However, during the 3D portion of the mammogram, a computer produces a layered 3D image of the breast tissue, rather than a flat 2D image. This advanced technology takes multiple low dose images of the breast in "slices" from different angles to create a three-dimensional picture of the breast. This provides unmatched clarity and detail of the breast tissue to better detect abnormalities or breast masses and allows ImageCare's subspecialized breast radiologists to flip through the 1mm images like pages in a book.
Benefits of 3D Mammography
• Provides greater clarity and detail
• Improves breast cancer detection by 27-50%
• Detects breast cancer at the earliest possible stage when it's most treatable
• Reduces callbacks as well as the need for additional imaging exams
• It is appropriate for women of all breast densities – breast tissue is composed of milk glands and ducts, supportive tissue (dense breast tissue), and fatty tissue. Having dense breasts means you have greater amounts of dense breast tissue than fatty tissue, and that on a mammogram at least 50% of the breast tissue looks white since dense breast tissue appears white on a mammogram. This means that small breast cancer, which also appears white on a mammogram, might hide in those dense areas of tissue. A 3D mammogram offers advantages in detecting breast cancer in people with dense breast tissue because the 3D image allows doctors to see beyond areas of density to identify abnormalities.

64 Slice Siemens CT Upgraded in ImageCare Guilderland

CT scans are vital to helping address any number of health conditions, including cancer, lung disease, muscle and bone disorders, internal injuries, and other types of trauma. ImageCare has upgraded its equipment in its Guilderland location with the 64 Slice Siemens CT, so patients will be able to receive additional testing and benefits not previously available at the Guilderland location.
Like a traditional computed tomography (CT) scan, a 64-slice CT scan combines a series of X-ray views taken from many different angles. It then uses a computer to reconstruct the "slices" to produce actual pictures. This type of diagnostic imaging is recommended when soft tissue – such as internal organs – must be evaluated. We can gain a better view of the size, shape, and position of soft tissue structures than only using regular X-rays. Capturing images of the heart has been greatly enhanced using 64-Slice CT scanning as well. Because the heart is continually moving and constantly changing in size and shape, it is often challenging to capture an accurate image of it. This level of CT scanner is so fast that it can create a picture of the heart and coronary vessels in fewer than five seconds – essentially between each contraction – without causing blurring of the image. This is something other scanners can't do.

With the 64 slice CT, ImageCare Guilderland offers the following services/benefits:
• Cardiac Scoring – see handout for additional details on cardiac scoring and ImageCare locations that provide this service.
• CT Angiography (CTA) exams - to visualize blood flow in arterial vessels throughout the body, from arteries serving the brain to those bringing blood to the lungs, kidneys, arms, and legs.
• Improved patient comfort with shorter breath holds and shorter scan times.
• Scans at a thinner slice thickness, making all imaging higher resolution.
Our fully digital state-of-the-art technology and our commitment to addressing our patients' concerns with compassion, understanding, and patience is what we strive for at ImageCare. Whether you need a mammogram, MRI, X-ray, or another imaging test, you will benefit from the recognized expertise of our board-certified subspecialty radiologists and staff. Visit ImageCare Medical Imaging to learn more about the specialty and services available.

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