About Us

Our Technology

Community Care Physicians is dedicated to leveraging technology to improve the care and the experience of our patients. Our commitment to high precision technology, diagnostic/therapeutic modalities and cancer treatments, as well as quality physicians who specialize in utilizing these technologies, provides our patients with access to the latest innovations right here in upstate New York.

Advancements like the RapidArc cancer technology and prone breast radiation at Image Guided Radiation Therapy can be used to pinpoint the exact size, location and coordinates of the tumor to administer high doses of radiation directly to tumors or cancer cells without damaging healthy cells. We also have the latest technology in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer using Mohs Surgery.

It doesn't stop there. Our Urologists, Gynecologist and Surgeons perform surgeries using a da Vinci® "robot." Robot-assisted surgery is an evolution of laparoscopic surgery, allowing the performance of more advanced surgical procedures with greater accuracy, dexterity and a quicker return to normal function than traditional surgery. From treatments of prostate cancer to urinary problems, the robot is used to turn hand movements outside of the patient into movements of the miniature robotic instruments inside the patient.

Detection is just as important as treatment. ImageCare Medical Imaging obtains medical images on state-of-the-art equipment and images are read by sub-specialized radiologists specially trained to read your scan. ImageCare has the latest technology in traditional and open MR, CT and PET/CT, digital mammography, ultrasound, DEXA-scans and X-Ray. As a patient, you can trust that you are getting Community Care Physicians' premier standard of medical care.

Electronic Health Records and Patient Communication

Community Care Physicians (CCP) has created a 21st century model of medicine by blending technology with traditional care. Many of our offices have iPad stations for patients to use for entertainment and education while they wait. All of our offices utilize Electronic Health Records, or EHR, to care for patients. CCP was one of the first, in 2005, to embrace enterprise-wide EHR in New York.

The EHR helps medical providers, nurses, technicians and support staffs share a patient's information instantly to minimize error, address medical concerns sooner, and optimize communication between members of the healthcare team; and this team includes you, the patient.

CCP's technology helps to improve communication with patients through a secure patient portal, through our website and social media, online billing and—soon—telemedicine.