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What if I am not a patient of Schodack Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, can I still use the VICA app?

In order to use VICA, you need to be an established patient of our practice. This ensures continuity of care. We have all of your medical records and can document your visit in your electronic health record. If you are interested in VICA, rest assured, Schodack Internal Medicine and Pediatrics welcomes new patients! Contact us for more information.

You do need to be within New York State while using the VICA app.

What ages do you treat?

The providers rendering care through VICA are trained in family care, meaning they can care for patients of all ages.

What conditions do you treat?

Some conditions include gastrointestinal issues, colds, coughs, flu, allergies, pink eye, minor rashes, minor wounds/burns, possible medication reactions and allergies, strain/sprains. The VICA is also useful for some follow-up appointments that don't require an in person visit, as directed by your primary care practitioner. For a full list of services, see the conditions treated page.

Who treats me through the app?

You will be treated by one of Schodack Internal Medicine and Pediatrics' physicians or physician extenders (nurse practitioner or physician assistant) who is medically certified. To read more about our practitioners, see the provider profile links under Providers on the main menu of this site.

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How often can I use VICA?

You can use the app as often as you would like, as long as the reason for visit is appropriate. There will also be a charge for each use.

Do you prescribe medications through the app?

Yes. If indicated, prescriptions will be electronically sent to your pharmacy of choice. However, no prescriptions for narcotics/controlled substances or for psychiatric illnesses will be prescribed via VICA.

Can you really diagnose me without seeing me?

Yes, many issues can be diagnosed via the live two way video session and do not necessarily require an in office appointment with a physical exam. The provider will have you perform a provider guided exam of the issue being addressed.

How is my visit documented?

In the same fashion as a regular in office visit, your virtual visit will be documented electronically in our medical record.

What if my issue cannot be handled using the app?

Some issues require a physical visit with a medical practitioner. If your issues cannot be handled using VICA, the Concierge or provider will let you know and recommendations will be made. If you are a patient of Schodack Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, an appointment can be scheduled with our office or you could utilize our walk in hours for care if appropriate.

To find a primary care doctor in upstate New York, Community Care Physicians' Care Coordinator is also available to help you find a doctor who is right for you.

Can you treat me when I am on vacation in another state or country?

No, we cannot treat you outside of New York State due to medical licensing. You must be in the state to receive care.

How do you communicate back to my regular provider after I have been seen via a telemedicine visit?

As a patient of Schodack Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, documentation will be in our shared electronic medical record and your primary care provider in our office will be aware of your visit.