Wellness Programs

As part of the multispecialty group Community Care Physicians, P.C., our patients have access to several unique wellness programs developed to keep you healthy at every age.

Our doctors encourage patients of all ages to remain active and exercise regularly. While our central mission is to treat illness and injury, we are also focused on prevention to avoid chronic illnesses and injuries.

NICE Weight Transitions Program

Good health should start when you're young. If you adopt a healthy lifestyle early on, you will develop positive habits for a healthy future. To complement the fitness program for adults, Community Care Physicians pioneered a program to help adolescent patients of our practices get healthier. This program, the NICE Weight Transitions program, is free to pediatric patients of our practice ages 11 to 18.

The NICE Weight Transitions Program is for children and adolescents who want to get and stay fit. We have a team of professionals, including an expert panel of physicians, a health coach, a personal trainer/sports nutritionist, and supporting staff, all committed toward helping improve your child's lifestyle.

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WE Care Weight and Exercise Management

WE CARE is a unique, medically supervised weight and exercise management program. Our program incorporates nutrition, exercise, education and behavior modification in a clinical setting, providing you with a personalized, safe plan for weight loss.

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