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Tips to Help you Quit Smoking

Posted: 11/24/2015
Tips to Help you Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is one of the most difficult things for any smoker to do.  Smoking is a habit and learned behavior that took years of conditioning to develop and will take a tremendous amount of will power and dedication to break.  Before you quit you must have a reason for quitting and pick a quit date.  Once your quit date arrives and you decide that you have smoked your last cigarette, then the real work begins on your journey to becoming an ex-smoker.  Here are some tips and tricks to help you along the way:

  • One of the first things you should do when you quit smoking is to get rid of your ashtrays, lighters, and any other products used for smoking. This is one instance where out of sight, out of mind has shown to be effective.

  • Another thing you should do when you first quit is to wash any clothes, linens, upholstery, or vehicles that smell like smoke. After you quit, your sense of smell will improve and you will become very aware of the smell of tobacco smoke, which can be a trigger for most former smokers.

  • Try smoking cessation products such as patches and gum or prescription medication. Be sure to get a prescription from your doctor or check with your health plan to see what products are covered prior to your quit date. Make sure to follow the directions and use these products properly to ensure you get the maximum benefit from them. Studies show smoking cessation products are most effective when used in conjunction with an intensive behavioral program.

  • Cold Turkey. If you feel like having a cigarette, have a slice of cold turkey instead!But seriously folks, quitting cold turkey can be a very effective way to quit smoking with the right mindset. Quitting smoking is ultimately mind over matter. Just keep reminding yourself that quitting is easy, and you can do it!

  • Take a deep breath.Cigarette cravings generally only last 2-3 minutes, although they might feel like they go on much longer than that. One of the best ways to deal with an intense craving is to do some deep breathing and meditation exercises while you ride out the craving. The deep, even breathing will help to calm you down immediately and can release some of the same neurotransmitters and endorphins as nicotine, which will relieve your craving.

  • Don't have a crutch.  Don't replace cigarettes with something else like lollipops or gum, because what happens if you run out of those things or they aren't readily available when your craving strikes?  While you might try brushing your teeth after meals to deal with the craving of that after meal cigarette, you won't be able to brush your teeth to deal with every craving.  Stick with coping mechanisms that rely on your own willingness to quit and not on a replacement fix.

  • Don't change who you are. There is a tendency to want to change every bad habit you have when you quit smoking, but just because you are giving up smoking doesn't mean you have to change everything about you. You were not always a smoker, but you learned to be one and incorporated smoking into your daily life. Now that you are quitting, you will be able to do all the same things you do now just as well if not better as a non-smoker...

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