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Albany Family Medicine

  • Clark, Catherine, FNP
  • Colman, David, MD
  • Dannenhoffer, Joanne, MD
  • Elguero, Carlos, MD
  • Johnston, Mary, MD
  • Mack, Brigid, MD
  • Mitnick, Neil, DO
  • Reider, Jacob, MD
  • Roche, Sean, MD
  • Rosario, Frances, FNP-C
  • Rosenbaum, Elena, MD
  • Rutter, Ann, MD
  • Stetzer, Lee, MD, MPH
  • Sundaram, Vishalakshi, MD

Burnt Hills Pediatrics and Internal Medicine

  • Brueggemann, Christina, MD
  • Gaylord, James, MD
  • Hickey, Lynn, MD
  • Lamanna, Rebecca, CPNP-PC
  • Nicholson, Timothy, MD, Ph.D
  • Quinn, Barbara, FNP-BC, Ms.Ed.

Capital Healthcare Associates

  • Agopovich, Arsenio, MD
  • Bertino, Christopher, PA-C
  • Burke, Michael, MD
  • Chava, Prabhakar, MD
  • Cioffi, James, MD
  • Dort, Janice, PA-C
  • Fitzmaurice, Brittany, MSN, NP, RN
  • Gross, Eric, MD
  • Hobbs, Patricia, NP
  • Jue, Donald, MD
  • Kucij, Lyn, PA-C
  • Musto, Ronald, MD, MPH, MBA, CIME
  • Rabbin, Linda, NP
  • Roske, Julia, PA-C
  • Thompson, Dean, MD
  • Walders, James, MD
  • Wolff, Michael, M.D., F.A.C.P.

Capital Region Women's Care

  • Bloomfield, Naomi, MD
  • Bloss, Christopher, MD
  • Bossolini, Marybeth, FNP-C
  • Deserre, Steven, CNM
  • Elacqua, Mary, MD
  • Elsagga, Elizabeth, DO
  • Ford, Jockular, MD
  • Gallant, Michelle, CNM
  • Hirt, Deborah, NP
  • Kelty, Robert, MD
  • Lahut, Barbara, NP
  • Medina, Christopher, MD
  • Santiago, Crystal, MD

Clifton Park Family Medicine

  • Chakraborty, Ranen, DO
  • Justa, Shelley, MD
  • Kineke, Stephen, MD
  • Montelone, Kimberly, NP
  • Sazon, Tatiana, MD
  • Stephenson, Lisa, FNP-BC

Clifton Park Pediatrics

  • Gandham, Vijaya, MD
  • Garbarino, Kathleen, PA-C
  • Mitta, Swatantra, MD, FAAP
  • Puthuparampil-Mehta, Beulah, DO, FAAP
  • Wise, Birute, MD

Community Care Dermatology

  • Siebeneck, Hillary, MD

Community Care Family Medicine

  • Diaz, Miguel, MD, MBA
  • Gross, Julia, FNP-C, RN, MSN
  • Schnakenberg, Eric, MD

Community Care General Surgery

  • Brasch, Robert, MD, FACS
  • Fisk, Peter, MD, FACS
  • Hoffert, Eugene, MD, FACS
  • Nagaraj, Sharita, MD
  • Youngelman, Debbie, MD, FACS

Community Care Internal Medicine Clifton Park

  • Downey, Kathleen, MD
  • Gradner, Jill, MD
  • Testa, Samantha, PA

Community Care Pediatrics - Latham

  • Alimohammad, Lubbna, MD
  • Deimling, Melissa, MD
  • Duff, Thomas Jr., MD
  • Dvorscak, Amanda, DO
  • Lahtinen-Aley, Kristina, MD
  • Lawson, Jessica, NP
  • Matott, Heather, MD
  • Talma, Theodore, MD
  • Wong, Winston, MD

Community Care Pediatrics - Saratoga

  • Cirenza, Emanuel, MD, FAAP
  • Farrell, Cláudia, MD
  • Hawthorne, Jami, MD, FAAP
  • Jorgensen, Stephanie, MD, FAAP
  • LeCours, Laura, MD, FAAP
  • Marthy-Noonan, Anne, MD, FAAP
  • Richman, Charles, MD, FAAP
  • Rose, Jennifer, PNP
  • Shulof, Jennifer, PNP

Community Care Physicians Internal Medicine - Delmar

  • Baselice, Marino, MD
  • Bertram, Michael, MD, PhD
  • Greenblatt, Michael, MD
  • Guptill, Gloria, MD
  • Hennessy, Elisa, PA
  • Maier, Craig, MD
  • Millea, Kerry, NP
  • Monserrate, Nicole, MD
  • Patil, Nagaraja, MD

Community Care Podiatry - Delmar

  • Hutton, Jennifer, DPM,FACFAS

Community Care Podiatry - Latham

  • Siebeneck, Aaron, DPM

Community Care Urgent Care Center

  • Akuoko, Nana, PA
  • Brilliant, Rachelle, DO
  • Chakraborty, Ranen, DO
  • Ernst, Cheryl, FNP-BC
  • Esposito, Russell, DO
  • Gleason, Zachary, NP
  • Guptill, Gloria, MD
  • Hovsepian, Sonya, MD
  • Ilowit, Emily, FNP-BC, RN
  • Janowski, Darcy, FNP-C
  • Johnson, Sheena, PA
  • Kachurek, David, MD
  • Loytra, Oleksiy, DO
  • Mance, Joan, FNP-BC
  • Montelone, Kimberly, NP
  • O'Loughlin, Suzanne, NP
  • O'Meara, Shannon, FNP
  • Olszewski, Peter, NP
  • Piparo, Jeannie, PA
  • Rodrigue, Ray, PA-C
  • Sazon, Alexandr, MD
  • Sazon, Tatiana, MD
  • Shin, Joong Eun, MD
  • Sipperly, Stephen, DO
  • Siy-Keane, Lauren, RPA-C
  • Smith, Marsha, NP
  • Tyler, Christopher, PA
  • Wickham, Cara, RPA-C

Delmar Dermatology and Mohs Surgery

  • Deckelbaum, Scott, DO

Endoscopy and Surgical Care Suite

  • Brasch, Robert, MD, FACS
  • Fisk, Peter, MD, FACS
  • Hoffert, Eugene, MD, FACS
  • Nagaraj, Sharita, MD
  • Youngelman, Debbie, MD, FACS

Image Guided Radiation Therapy

  • Puranik, Arun, MD
  • Spektor, Boris, MD

Latham Internal Medicine

  • Arnold, Hendrick Jr., MD
  • Kronick, Gary, MD
  • Marcella, Meghan, FNP-C
  • O'Loughlin, Suzanne, NP
  • Olszewski, Peter, NP
  • Parikh, Nita, MD
  • Rios-Rivera, Zandra, MD
  • Tumuluri, Srilaxmi, MD
  • Warner, Deborah, NP

Latham Medical Group

  • Brown, Sheryl, MD
  • Campagna, Kristine, DO
  • Cleney, Holly, MD
  • Enzien, Ernest, MD
  • Gelfman, Rachel, RPA-C
  • Keener, Deborah, MS, PCC
  • Livolsi, Lauren, RPA-C
  • Locke, Elizabeth, MD
  • Ludwig, Samantha, MD
  • Mance, Joan, FNP-BC
  • Mead, Daniel, RPA-C
  • Norton, Neal Jr., RPA-C
  • Parent, Colleen, MD
  • Seaman, Tami, MD
  • Siy-Keane, Lauren, RPA-C
  • Stone, Cynthia, LMHC, NCC
  • Wickham, Cara, RPA-C

Niskayuna Family Medicine

  • Mirza, Shahida, MD

Niskayuna Internal Medicine

  • Goldberg, Steven, MD
  • Gupta, Saaket, MD
  • Samuel, Jency, NP
  • Searfoss, Linda, NP
  • Yousuf, Asim, MD

Partners In Family Medicine Cropseyville

  • D'Avella, Wendy, FNP
  • Marshall, Robert, MD
  • Orsi, Richard, MD
  • Provost, Anneliese, FNP-C, RN

Partners In Family Medicine North Greenbush

  • Brilliant, Rachelle, DO
  • Quarrier, John, MD
  • Smith, Marsha, NP
  • Wiley, Jennifer, MD

Saratoga Gynecology Associates

  • Allison, Stefanie, DO
  • Schick, Karen, MD

Saratoga Medical Associates

  • Cullinan, Katelyn, PA
  • Dorsey, Susan, MD
  • Gebhard, Paul Jr., MD
  • Piparo, Jeannie, PA

Schodack Internal Medicine and Pediatrics

  • Barry, Kelli, MD
  • Basila, Dennis, MD
  • Gildersleeve, Rebecca, MD
  • Hetrick, Tera, MD
  • Janowski, Darcy, FNP-C
  • Leonidas, Leonard, MD
  • Matolka, Patrick, PA-C
  • Shierly, Mary, PA-C
  • Speir, Renee, PA-C
  • Tolentino, Rommel, MD
  • Vollmer, Kelly, PA-C

The Child Neurology Group

  • Abraham, Lisa, MD
  • Hicks, Steven, PA-C
  • Simmons, Richard, MD

The Office of Dr. Barats

  • Aragona, Sharon, RPA-C
  • Barats, Lev, MD
  • Doro, Kristienna, NP
  • Ernst, Cheryl, FNP-BC

The Plastic Surgery Center

  • Przybyla, Adrian, MD

Upstate Hematology Oncology

  • Goodman, Thomas, MD
  • Jacob, Rana, MD
  • Walsh, Jessica, PA

Urological Institute of Northeastern New York

  • Aoun, Matthew, PA-C
  • Diaz-Parker, Carl, PA-C
  • Giramonti, Karla, FNP
  • Kogan, Barry, MD
  • Paravella, Dana, RPA-C
  • Welliver, Charles, MD
  • White, Mark, MD
  • Wynia, Blake, MD

Vascular Health Partners

  • Hoosier-Paty, Dawn, FNP-C
  • Mehta, Manish, MD, MPH, FACS
  • Paty, Philip, MD, FACS

WE Care - Weight and Exercise Management at Community Care Physicians

  • Battisti, Lisa, MS, RD
  • Boucher, Katelyn, L-MHC
  • Carrelle, Raymond Jr., MD, MBA
  • Katz, Linda, NP
  • Shechter, Shulamit, MS, RD, CDN
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