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Diabetes Education

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Community Care Physicians
Diabetes Program

Phone:   (518) 782-3839
Learn how to live a healthy, productive, and enjoyable life

Our Program:  Our Diabetes Program at Community Care Physicians is recognized by the American Diabetes Association and provides state-of-the-art training and self-management education to all people with diabetes and their families

Diabetes Self-Management Training—Experience the Benefits 
We offer individual consultations and group classes that include the following:
    ◊   What diabetes is and how to control it
    ◊   How to monitor blood glucose
    ◊   Nutrition education and weight management, lipids and osteoporosis
    ◊   The role of exercise, nutrition and medication in diabetes control
    ◊   Insulin administration and medication instruction
    ◊   Individualized Pediatric programs and support
    ◊   Diabetes management during illness
    ◊   Prevention, recognition and treatment of diabetes emergencies and
    ◊   Guidelines for meal planning, dining out, grocery shopping, label reading and
    ◊   Stress management
    ◊   Personalized exercise advice
    ◊   Setting goals for a healthy lifestyle
    ◊   Preconception care and gestational diabetes management
    ◊   Insulin pump training
    ◊   Individual consultation with our Nurse Educators and Registered Dietician

Group classes are sized to provide participants with the benefits of a balance between individualized counseling and shared experiences among peers.

Insurance Coverage:  A referral from your primary care physician is necessary for insurance and Medicare reimbursement. We accept most major health insurance plans.

Quality & Convenience:  We offer day and evening Diabetes Programs at our Latham Location at the Capital Region Health Park and at our other convenient offices across the Capital Region.   Please call 782-3839 to schedule an appointment or for more information. does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Legal Notices | Notice of Privacy Practices
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