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What is the NICE Program?

NICE Weight Tranistions Program logo You only get one body, so it is important to take care of it. In fact, what you eat and how much physical activity you get when you are young affects your risk factors for certain diseases, like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity, when you are an adult. So, it is important to start making healthy choices when you are young.

Community Care Physicians opened the first weight management program in the Capital Region specifically designed for adolescents ages 11 to 18. The NICE Weight Transitions Program is a weight management and lifestyle modification program that incorporates a health coach, personal trainer, nutritionist and behavioral counselor to help teens and preteens achieve better health.

This program is offered free of charge to our family of patients. If your child is a current patient of a Community Care Physicians' primary care office (pediatrics or family medicine), the program is of no cost to you, as this is a continuation of your child's medical care. If your child is not a patient of one of our primary care offices, your child can still join the program. Click here for pricing information and information on insurance reimbursement. If you are interested in having your child become a patient of one of our pediatric or family medicine practices, please contact our Patient Connector at 518-640-6729 or browse our physician finder so we can help you find a doctor.

This site gives you immediate access to information that can help keep you fit and healthy. Please contact the NICE Weight Transitions Program for more information on the program and to start your child's personalized plan for better health.

Principles of Our Program

NICE consists of 4 dimensions to help you achieve optimal long-term wellness.

Nutrition - Intelligence - Confidence - Energy

Nutrition: It's important to develop healthy habits during childhood and early adolescence. With the support of the NICE team, we strive to teach each child and family how to make healthier choices. We do not put anyone on a diet! There are a wide variety of foods rich in essential nutrients necessary for growing bodies. What you learn can be used throughout your life to get you healthy and keep you healthy into adulthood.

Intelligence: You can't change your habits and stick with it if you don't truly understand what you should be doing and why. Part of this program includes explaining the recommendations that are made in the program and how these changes will improve your child's health. We want you and your child to be able to incorporate what you learn into your daily life. With the NICE program, we involve adolescents in understanding all the factors contributing to weight management decisions.

Confidence: Being overweight may affect self confidence. Sometimes, other kids can be cruel to those who are a little bit different. Losing weight will not only improve your child's health, but it can give them back the confidence they should have. Remember, there is nothing wrong with being different! At NICE, we want everyone in the program to be healthy and feel great.

Energy: You've probably heard it a million times... you need to eat right and get some exercise. Although eating the right foods is important to managing weight, it is also important to stay active. NICE has a personal trainer on staff to help get each child moving and come up with activities that they will want to do to stay fit. It's all about having fun and finding a routine you can stick with!

The NICE program allows us to apply intervention techniques that build on an adolescent's social network and personal motivations for achieving their weight management goals with the use of a health coaching, personal training, and nutritional counseling.

With this program, it is our goal to provide and offer access to educational programs, clinical tools, weight-management and community based physical activity programs, along with providing a place that offers effective, intensive counseling programs that promote behavior modification for overweight/obese children and others.

We have a team of professionals behind the program, including an expert panel of physicians, a health coach, personal trainers, a nutritional counselor, a behavioral counselor and supporting staff - all committed to helping your child improve his/her lifestyle.

The NICE program is for children between the ages of 11-18 years old.

Details of the NICE Program


The NICE Program is free of charge to patients of Community Care Physicians, PC. If you are not a patient of Community Care, please contact us for pricing and insurance information. Call us today for more information and for available sates and times:

518-213-0220 or you can email us at:

Insurance Accepted

Insurance companies participating in our NICE Program:

  • BlueShield of Northeastern New York

Fitness Program Details

  1. Fitness/Nutritional consultation with client and family to discuss appropriate programming to address client's goals. (Number of classes per week, types of classes, nutritional component, lifestyle changes).
  2. Once enrolled one-on-one meeting to for initial set-up of nutritional counseling.
  3. Once enrolled physical assessment of client's current fitness/activity (including physical readiness, health history, physical assessment, body fat analysis).
  4. Beginning of physical activity and nutritional component
  5. Bi-weekly nutritional counseling session and assessment of progress
  6. Monthly fitness assessment done during class time of physical progress
  7. End of session fitness and nutritional assessment monitoring progress with established scale and rewards system. Client has the opportunities to accomplish short range goals as well as improve fitness level and to "move-up".
  8. Two week prior to the end of each session "Parent's Appreciation Week" where parents will be allowed into the gym to observe adolescents progress and be present during the presentation of achievement awards

NICE will help you achieve real life successes by reducing body fat percentages, increasing activity levels, increasing confidence and improving overall health.

Details for Physicians

The NICE Weight Transitions Program will create communication pathways between each team member, the participant as well as the participant's primary care provider. As the teenager's primary care physician, you will be an integral part of the team.

As a physician, you are on the "front line" when it comes to health. You intimately know your patients, their health and their families. You have the opportunity to identify those teenagers with risk factors and refer them to the NICE Weight Transitions Program.

If you have a patient that could benefit from a weight loss program, please:

  1. Provide the patient and/or guardian with the information on the NICE Weight Transitions Program
  2. Medically clear all patients prior to starting a weight loss program. For our clearance form, click here (link to a form)
  3. Contact the NICE program by faxing the clearance form to 518-782-3798
  4. Provide the patient or the health coach for the program with any relevant health information that you would like them to have for reference

All documentation will be kept on file in the patient's chart that is kept by the health coach. As the primary care physician, the health coach, trainer, behavioral counselor and nutritionist will share any program plans and notes with you, so you are kept in the loop with your patient's progress.

To mark progress, we will use clinical measurements, including:

  • Reduction of BMI
  • Reduction of Diabetes measurements (glucose, HgA1c)
  • Reduction of blood pressure
  • Other health measurements established by the team, including body fat analysis and fitness assessment

Many of these measurements require the involvement of the participant's primary care physician. So, it's important to keep lines of communication open among all team members.

For more information about the program, for information to distribute in your practice, or to set up a face-to-face meeting to review the details of the program, please contact the NICE Weight Transitions Health Coach at 518-213-0220 or by email at

We look forward to partnering with you to improve the health of your patients.

When and Where does the NICE Program Happen

Classes consist of small groups (7-8 kids) and meet twice a week; both classes are mandatory. The classes meet for 1.5 hours each scheduled night, therefore you will receive 3 hours hands-on experience. Classes include but are not limited to: Cardio pump, cardio dance, kickboxing, strength and conditioning, sports conditioning, totally fit and fit kids.

The following sessions and times are available:


Session A

Session B

Session C

Session D

Maintenance Program

Open House


Mondays & Wednesdays

Mondays & Wednesdays

Tuesdays & Thursdays

Tuesdays & Thursdays


Every 3rd Tuesday of month


5:30 to 7:00pm

6:30 to 8:00pm

6:00 to 7:30pm

6:30 to 8:00pm

3:30 to 5:00pm









Besides the scheduled classes, we will be doing a grocery tour, outdoor challenges and many other fun activities.

NICE Locations

711 Troy Schenectady Road Suite 101 Latham New-York Pediatrics Community Care Physicians

713 Troy-Schenectady Road
Suite 122
Latham, NY 12110
Phone: (518) 213-0220

Start address:

NICE (Malta)
5 Hemphill Place
Building 3, Suite 123
Malta, NY 12020
Phone: (518) 213-0220

Start address:

Our Team

Health Coach

Denisa Hluchova, MHA, is the health coach for NICE, Weight Transition for Teens. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Siena College with a Marketing Management Major and German Minor. She is a graduate of Hofstra University with a Master of Health Administration degree. Denisa has extensive experience working with both children and adults in physical activity and sports programs, particularly tennis. Her distinguished tennis career has included receiving a Gold Medal at the Empire State Games, serving on community panels including the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, and appearing on the National Network "Fox Sports." Denisa's special interests include spending time outdoors, sports, exercise, and helping to integrate these activities into the daily lives of families.


Matt Graham, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, is the personal trainer and nutritional counselor for the NICE Program. Matt has professional and academic experience in nutrition and physical fitness. He has a passion for helping others achieve their goals by educating them about healthy lifestyle choices.

Behavior Counseling

Aditi Puranik, MA, received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Russell Sage College and her Master of Arts degree in Community and Counseling Psychology from Sage Graduate School. She has worked for T.W. Ponessa and Associates in York, PA as a Behavioral Specialist Consultant/Mobile Therapist and St. Catherine's Center for Children in Albany, NY as a Residential Social Worker. Aditi completed her graduate internship with Clover Patch Programs in play therapy. In this capacity, she performed individual and group play therapy. Aditi's areas of interest include play therapy, emotional behavioral disorders, autism, developmental disabilities, and childhood obesity. She enjoys taking martial arts classes.


Below are some forms to help you get started with the NICE program as well as some program Maintenance and Feedback forms. Click on them to view and print. They are in .PDF format.


Post Program

How to join the NICE Progrm

For Primary Care Patients of Community Care Physicians

If you are interested in joining the program and you are already a patient of one of Community Care Physicians' primary care providers, please:

Visit your Community Care doctor

Prior to entering the program, your child must be referred by his/her primary care provider and cleared to participate in the program. Your Community Care doctor should already know of the program. If the doctor feels your child will benefit from the NICE Weight Transitions Program, we can send them the appropriate paperwork to complete so we can start enrollment! If you have any questions, you can contact us directly via phone at 518-213-0220.

For Patients Who Do Not Have A Primary Care Doctor at Community Care Physicians

Your First Step

Even if you do not have a primary care doctor with Community Care, we welcome you to join the NICE program. Please contact the NICE Program at 518-213-0220 to start the enrollment process. We will need to compile the appropriate paperwork to give to your child's primary care doctor. If you call during normal business hours, please be sure to leave the child's name, age, and name of his/her primary care doctor so we can better serve you.

Before beginning the program, you and your child will speak with the health coach and/or the behavioral counselor for the program. The health coach is going to be a partner in this program. She will collaborate with your child's physician and with the trainer/nutritionist to help reach your child's ultimate fitness goal. The health coach will be there for questions, concerns, and support throughout the program.

The NICE Team works together to help each person enrolled in the program establish individual goals and reach success. Once enrolled, you will meet with members of our team and your child will complete assessments in fitness, nutrition, overall health and lifestyle in order to create a customized plan.

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