Extended Hours

Community Care Physicians provides you with access to quality healthcare when you need it. Several of the offices within the Internal Medicine Division have hours extending beyond the normal 8 am to 5 pm, either with early morning, evening or weekend hours.

In addition, Community Care Physicians has Urgent Care Centers across the Capital Region to provide you with care when our offices are closed.

Each office within Community Care Physicians utilizes the same electronic health record, so all documentation from your visit with our offices or our Urgent Care Centers will be centrally kept in your permanent record for your primary care doctor to reference.

Many of the offices within the Division of Internal Medicine utilize a patient portal called myCareDOT. myCareDOT is a secure, online tool, that allows you to communicate with our offices for things like appointment requests, referral requests, general messages for non-urgent medical needs. The patient portal isn't meant to replace your visits with your doctor, but to provide you with better access to our offices 24 hours a day 7 days a week, all with the click of a mouse.