Electronic Medical Records

A child's medical records need to be readily available and transferable. In most states, they are not allowed to enter school, camp, or childcare unless it can be proved that all immunization requirements are met and physical exams are current. The responsibility often falls on the parent to keep centralized records regarding these matters. Now, technology is on your side.

Community Care Physicians was first in the area to implement a full integrated Electronic Health Record (EHR) system company wide. Having this system in our pediatric offices is a benefit to parents and patients.

The EHR is more than an electronic version of a paper chart. It assists physicians in collecting, evaluating and documenting information regarding your child's medical care via a computer. With the EHR, your child's pediatrician can fax necessary information directly to the school nurse or camp supervisor securely. When a child is sick and needs medication, picking up the prescription is easier. The EHR offers an e-prescribing tool that allows physicians to prescribe medications and fax them directly to the pharmacy of choice via a computer, so that the prescription is ready when you get there. This system eliminates much of the hassle for parents.

The EHR also helps physicians and patients to monitor and respond to recommended procedures for health maintenance and disease management. Alerts are created when an HMP item is due or overdue, alerting clinicians to clinically significant events, such as an immunization, vision and hearing tests, or relevant lab studies. With this feature, important elements of the care plan are neither forgotten nor overlooked.

The EHR also assists in complying with a complex vaccination schedule and in communicating these results to the NYS Department of Health's statewide immunization registry.