Caring for 100,000 Patients

Community Care Physicians handles business so doctors can focus on patient care.

Each year more than 100,000 Capital Region residents are leading healthier lives, thanks to the medical staff of Community Care Physicians.

Community Care Physicians is a physician-owned, physician-run multi-specialty medical group with more than 180 doctors and other clinicians practicing out of 35 offices throughout the New York Capital District.  True to its name, Community Care Physicians is an organization dedicated to ensuring that physicians oversee and manage all aspects of patient care. Over the past 20 years Community Care has grown because both doctors and patients recognize the special value created when the physician is free to focus on the practice of medicine.

At Community Care, our physicians have one primary goal:  to provide outstanding medical services to every patient they see.  The size of our organization allows us to provide business support to all of our doctors, so that they don’t need to spend part of their day dealing with salespeople and headaches such as billing, scheduling, or other management projects — as is the case in other doctors’ offices.  Community Care Physicians does all of the behind-the-scenes work, leaving our physicians to devote all their time to quality medicine.

Dr. Shirish Parikh, chairman and chief executive officer, says consolidating doctors under one company umbrella just makes sense — both as a business and health care provider.

“In the late 1980s and early 1990s, physicians started getting more and more distracted with management issues, insurance issues and other outside forces tugging at them from all directions,” Parikh says.  “Doctors in small offices often need to order their own medical supplies, copy paper and a million other items needed to run an office

“If you deal with 25 vendors every day, it affects a doctor’s efficiency with patients.  We have taken those hassles out of the equation at Community Care.”

Without such burdens, doctors can spend more time with patients, Parikh says.

“Quality communication time with a doctor is important to most patients, especially the elderly,” he says.  “We don’t churn out the patients, as may be the case at small offices and some hospitals.  The doctors and support staff who are part of Community Care Physicians medical group take as much time as possible to answer a patient’s questions and hopefully calm their anxieties.  We pride ourselves in providing a bedside manner in an office setting.”

Community Care Physicians is a multi-specialty medical group, with specialists in many phases of medicine including pediatrics, internal medicine, family practice, general surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, dermatology, podiatry, physical therapy, radiology, occupational health, family practice, audiology, and urology.

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